A Personalized Portfolio

We’ll help you build the most suitable portfolio for you and your financial goals

A proven investment strategy

A passive investment strategy trumps active stock picking 99 times out of 100. The right mix of asset classes offers crucial diversification across a variety of market conditions, and reducing correlations between asset classes ultimately helps drive an investor’s risk-adjusted returns.

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With diversified assets

In a growing economic environment, earnings and profits grow and the shares of companies tend to do well. When investors are risk averse, they tend to allocate to bonds given their fixed payments and limited expected downside. These fundamentally different economic streams of returns means that historically, these asset classes have been suitable for diversification.

And reduced risk

Our academic advisors and research have helped us to develop a re-balancing methodology that allows our investors to see results whilst minimizing risk through readjusting their asset allocation weightings.

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Fair, transparent pricing

Our technology and streamlined processes enable us to offer simple, honest prices – and we’re extremely proud of them.

0.48% + TER (or less)

Invest with us and you’ll save thousands over the course of your lifetime by paying a mere fraction of what our competitors and traditional advisors charge. You’ll also never pay any account opening, withdrawal, trading or exit fees. Your Total Expense Ratio (TER) refers to the total ETF issuer costs across your portfolio. The average TER of ETFs in our portfolios is 0.12%.

Accounts to suit your goals


The General Investment Account is our most popular account.  One must be over 18 years old to create one, and may be liable to income and capital gains tax on any growth in his/her portfolio.


An Individual Savings Account for UK tax payers that enables the holder to invest up to a certain amount without having to pay any income tax or capital gains tax on returns.  This year’s allowance is £20,000.


Are you representing a Multi Family Office or small to medium sized business and investigating liability driven Treasury Management solutions?  We’ve got the proposition and account structure for you, so contact us today! 

Your investments are safe with us

We take security and privacy very seriously. Rest assured that we are committed to protecting your investments and upholding the highest security standards possible.


We use 128 AES encryption and two factor authentication to secure transactions. Beyond browser access we offer iPhone, Android and Windows applications with fingerprint and facial recognition authentication.

Authorised and Regulated

We are regulated by the FCA. Every effort has been made to keep your investments secure, including daily reporting, auditing, insurance, FSCS coverage and partnerships with financial institutions so your investments are protected.


We publish details about our investment approach for peer review and explain clearly the terms of our service because we are proud to work for our customers.

A new modern approach to handling investments

Out with the old. In with the new.

In 2013, we became tired of waiting for someone else to offer the investment approach and experience we had long been awaiting. A platform to deliver bespoke portfolios around Europe could be built, because we had just tested our first working prototype.

Since that summer, our mission has been to build a company that enables anyone to easily convert their savings into diversified investments.

Today, we are available in 32 countries, working with some of the best ETFs in the world and depositing investments in leading financial institutions. Having had removed layers of unnecessary intermediaries, we can offer a transparent end to end service at a fraction of the costs to incumbents. No longer must investors suffer from the ridiculous fees and conflicts of interest associated with traditional wealth management options.

We now are the most downloaded Robo-Advisor App in Europe and have also started offering services to other companies. Perhaps the time has come for you to start a simulation or open a real-money account in Pounds, Euros or Dollars?

We hope to meet you soon!

Management Team

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COO | Director

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Sughush Kuntal


Brett Arthur

Project Manager

Non-Executive Advisory Board

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Juan Luis Bellon

Wealth Management

Jose María García

Marketing & Product


Ana Quintanal

Customer Service | Investments

Yago Gonzáles de Castejón

Customer Service | Operations

Mar Ortega Gayoso

Customer Service | Operations

Our talented Techies

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Senior Developer

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Systems Administrator

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Quality Assurance

Virendra Sonawane

Senior Developer

Sachin Shelar


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