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Are you developing customized solutions based on ETF portfolios?

Our technology enables partners to build front-end solutions that leverage our investment engine.


Asset allocation models.
Risk profiling.
Portfolio risk mapping.
User experience and branding.


Automated discretionary investment manager.
Execution-only advisor.
Portfolio generator for financial aggregators.
Pension planner.

Benefit from our highly flexible approach to increase customer life-time loyalty while promoting your brand and positioning in a way unique to your organisation.

Sophisticated investment methods through a simple API

Our API has been designed and tested in a number of environments and languages to offer the best support to your developers

Flexible and scalable

Weather you've got an established Database of clients, want to connect through social streams or just want us to handle clients we've got the login option for you.

Rest for clients and rest for you

Clients goals and data is of course handled by the API but you can also connect to, and modify, meta data about the system through our simple API.


A definitive record of all calls with examples in multiple languages is available so your developers dont have to waste time.

We offer both business as a service (priced per account) and revenue-sharing agreements. Contact us if you’d like to explore how we can work together.