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Investing puts capital at risk

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The top ten of 2017

December 29th 2017

Here's the top 10 ways we made investing better in 2017
Improved performance reporting

New app tabs and new insights to be more transparent about investing.

Enabled 2-Factor Authentication

Making it easier for you to stay safe along with pin or fingerprint on your mobile device.

Updated Asset allocations and ETFs

Halving the fees you pay on the underlying ETFs. On average just 11 basis points.

Added cost savings tab in App

See how much you save with ETFmatic.

Cash withdrawals made easier

Visible guides and behind-the-scenes flow improvements.

Introduced Debit Cards

Now there's 4 ways to fund your goals.

Announced Gliding

Customisation so you can move away from equities as your divestment date approaches.

Announced Gain-Loss Harvesting

Capital gains harvesting tool for accounts over 50,000 GBP/EUR/USD

Improved rebalancing policy

We're always hard at work on our platform looking to improve the engine that drives your investing.

Lowered Fees

Updating our ETF offering allowed us to reduce our pricing even more.

With all investments your capital is at risk and the value of your investments and the income deriving from it can rise as well as fall. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.