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Client view #1: Oscar Antón

At ETFmatic we have the pleasure of serving clients in 32 European countries. We see this as an incredible advantage being able to interact with such a large and diverse group of people from all walks of life. As our aim is to democratise finance for all Europeans we ask our clients if they would be willing answer questions on their experience and initial decision to use ETFmatic. The post below is the first in an ongoing series where we share the experiences some of the amazing clients we serve today.
Name:Oscar Antón
Occupation:Digital Business & Finance Professional

How long have you been investing for?

5 years

Describe your investment goals. Are they long-term, short-term, are you on track? Have you changed your investment strategy over the years? If so, how?

My investments are always long-term oriented and I just save (not looking for returns in those savings) for short-term goals. Actually I am investing a few hundred euros monthly (half with ETFmatic, and half with Finizens). I started investing with regular contributions in 2016 and previously I invested saved amounts from my savings accounts trying to maximize the interest I was paid or choosing the right fund for that period of time.

Why did you decide to use ETFmatic?

I am convinced that ETFs are one of the best instruments for the common people to invest in the long-term, for those lacking a deep knowledge of finance, markets and economy and time to analyse companies and markets. Therefore, I started to look in traditional banks for their offer of such products and it was appalling. Finally I saw several news items about some fintechs going for this market and ETFmatic was one of the most interesting to me. I opened a test account and after a phone call from Johann this past December I switched to a real money account.

Can you provide a brief overview of your experience so far - How much are you investing, how long for, and how satisfied are you with returns to date?

As I said before I have been investing with ETFmatic since the past December with monthly deposits of a couple of hundred Euros. I'm' quite satisfied with the returns as they reflect the evolution of the markets represented by my holdings. That was what I was expecting to happen and that was what happened.

How comfortable are you with using a robo-advice platform, how does it compare with your investing experience prior?

Prior to this phase I was a very conservative investor with my assets divided between Deposit Certificates and traditional Investment Funds. I am very comfortable with robo-advisors, even more than before with my usual bank as I actually have more information and it is much more timely.

We'd like to thank Oscar for his time and investing with us. If you would like to be part of our client feedback series and provide your opinion. Good, bad or indifferent, please do let us know.