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Client view #4: Helen Leathem

At ETFmatic we have the pleasure of serving clients in 32 European countries. We see this as an incredible advantage being able to interact with such a large and diverse group of people from all walks of life. As our aim is to democratise finance for all Europeans we ask our clients if they would be willing answer questions on their experience and initial decision to use ETFmatic. The post below is part of an ongoing series where we share the experiences some of the amazing clients we serve today.
Name:Helen Leathem

How long have you been investing for?

About 10 years.

Describe your investment goals. Are they long-term, short-term, are you on track? Have you changed your investment strategy over the years? If so, how?

My goals are long term in that I want to save up as much of a lump sum as I can. At first I bought investment funds through my bank, but the return was disappointing after the financial crisis. So I opened an account with Self Bank, but I felt unsure about what strategy to use and what funds to buy and I didn't want to be doing lots of research about funds or constantly rebalancing my portfolio. Therefore I looked around at what was available to me and chose ETFmatic.

Why did you decide to use ETFmatic?

I had read a book about investing which recommended using tracker funds as opposed to actively managed funds because they gave similar returns over the long term. The book suggested funds like Vanguard but those are not available here in Spain. ETFmatic is based in the UK where I am from and I found it simple and transparent which is not something I can say about Spanish funds. I don't think there are any companies like this in Spain, so I am glad that i can use it from here.

Can you provide a brief overview of your experience so far - How much are you investing, how long for, and how satisfied are you with returns to date?

So far I have invested €10,000, at about €500 a month and €2000 of my son's money. I intend to keep investing €500 a month as long as I can. So far I haven't really asked for much help or feedback from the company, so I guess I have been quite passive. The returns have been modest so far, at about 2.4%.

How comfortable are you with using a robo-advice platform, how does it compare with your investing experience prior?

I am fairly comfortable in the sense that I am not sure that there are any guarantees with investing and the fees for actively managed funds are very high, and I am not able to actively manage my own money with any security. Furthermore, "safe" or "guaranteed" deposits are at a very low rate at the moment, so that is to be expected.

We'd like to thank Helen for her time and investing with us. If you would like to be part of our client feedback series and provide your opinion. Good, bad or indifferent, please do let us know.