ETFmatic April 2020 Newsletter

London, UK April 2020

Hello from all the team here at ETFmatic. We hope you and your families are safe and healthy during this continually challenging time.

April has been a busy and productive month for us here at ETFmatic.

ETFmatic selected as WealthTech100 Company

While we have kept a relatively low public profile over the past year, industry press and organisations are beginning to take note of our achievements. We’re proud to have been selected as a WealthTech100 company. The WealthTech100 recognizes companies transforming the global investment and banking industries, and ETFmatic was selected from a list of over 1,200 companies by a panel of analysts and industry experts. For more information about the WealthTech100 visit their website here.

Dynamic Market Portfolios by Eye Performance Technologies

Last month we announced the premium B2B product offering that we had developed together with Eye Performance Technology. The company is led by Mads N. S. Pedersen who previously headed up the Global Asset Allocation at UBS, the world largest wealth manager. In this role he was responsible for managed strategies with more than $100bln in assets. Market corrections can lead to heavy portfolio losses. We are all aware of the impact that these losses have on our investments’ long-term performance. We have partnered with Eye Performance Technology to deliver a set of investment portfolios with systematic risk management and performance creation supported by behavioral finance-based algorithms with the aim to actively mitigate against these losses.
  • The Defensive strategy starts with a base equity allocation of 30%, cutting it to 0% when the algorithm generates a risk-off signal, or increasing to 50% when a risk-on signal triggers.
  • The Balanced strategy starts with a base equity allocation of 45%, cutting it to 0% on a risk-off signal or increasing to 70% on a risk-on signal.
  • Finally, the Dynamic strategy is the most aggressive. It starts with a base equity allocation of 67%, cutting it to 0% on a risk-off signal, or increasing to 100% on a risk-on signal.
Initially only available to a closed beta tester group, we will be making these strategies available to all D2C clients over the next few months. If you are interested in getting early access, please contact our D2C Support team to try it out directly. For inquiries about this or any other aspect of our B2B2C platform reach out to our Business Development team.

Our new API Version: Release of API 3.0

We provide the plumbing needed for investment management. On a technical level, this plumbing is provided by our API; To drive our API forward, we look at industry trends, but also solicit input from experts in the field, and of course the feedback we receive from our partners during integration projects, as well as in our post-project reviews. During April we released a new version of the API that not only incorporates this feedback but also extends our existing capabilities with new features that partners have been requesting. The benefits to our partners include an improvement in their time-to-market, more comprehensive documentation, and better tools to support their development. From a technical perspective this new version also enables us to better deal with the large growth in volumes that we have seen and continue to see. If you are interested in more information about the new release of our API, please contact our Business Development team via email or contact us through the B2B section on our website.