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Save your children years of fees by investing in their future today

October 19th 2016

An 18 year education fund could easily amount to 100k in returns lost to fees. We commit to never charging you anything for your child’s account.

At ETFmatic we work every day to change the financial industry by offering the most straight-forward, tax-aware, cost-efficient investment options. This might come as a surprise but investment incumbents don’t want you to know that you might be forfeiting even half of your returns to their fees. Naturally, the longer you invest the greater this amount will be and this will especially affect the most precious investment you have: your children.

Imagine giving half of your newborn baby’s university fund to a stranger in an expensive suit. Imagine if the fees your paid could literally buy a them a car on their 18th birthday or cover the downpayment for a house a few years later.

That’s why we want to set a new standard by not charging any fees to accounts opened on behalf of customers under 18.

At ETFmatic we focus on offering the simplest way for you to invest towards your long term goals. Our platform enables us to create fully customised portfolios based on your goals by investing in ETFs from issuers such as Vanguard, State Street and Blackrock.

Our customers’ ETFs are held by Saxo Bank and covered by standard European protection conditions . We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and currently available in 17 European countries.

Could opening an investment account for your child today be one of your most important contributions to their future?

How to open a Young Investor account

To open your children's account as an existing customer simply click the "Young Investor open account" button in your investment dashboard. For new customers simply create your own account in less than 5 minutes, then access the "Young Investor open account" button in your new personal dashboard.

With just a few details about your child you'll be ready to go. Investing in their future can be done in under 10 minutes.