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ETFs made Simple, in Pounds, Euros, and now Dollars

November 17th 2016

Even though robo-advisory was developed in the U.S. by companies such as Betterment and Wealthfront, until now European investors haven’t been able to diversify their savings with dollar portfolios.

Many ETFmatic customers have been asking for a simple way to investments in multiple currencies. Some are driven by wanting to diversify their investments, given the macroeconomic environment, whilst others do have long term US dollar goals that they want to fund. As we are obsessed with providing the best solution for our customers we are proud to be not only the first pan-european robo-advisor, but now the first to offer US dollar portfolios for our customers.

You can now open an account in minutes in any of the 3 major currencies, and add additional currency portfolios at any point. We offer both Starter Portfolios, that implement a “buy and hold” strategy diversifying your risk and Investment Plans that tailor Portfolios to your goals.

Our service is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, who supervises that your savings are invested according to your desires and risk profile. And because we select commonly traded ETFs from the largest issuers, such as Vanguard, State Street and Blackrock, you obtain more transparency than other options can guarantee. Your investments are held by Saxo Bank and covered by European protection schemes with the standard conditions.