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That time of the year where you decide to buy your favourite thing 10 years from now

February 2nd 2017

We think the start of the new year is absolutely great. New challenges. New adventures. A time to make a big impact all over again. And although for our continent it usually signifies snow, rain and darkness, it also signifies a time where you are rewarded for your hard work over the previous 12 months. By that we mean bonus payments of course.

We know you’ve been thinking about it. What luxury purchase you might spend it on, what you might buy your significant other, where you might travel to next and, most importantly, where you are going to invest it!

Well, did you know that we are the only robo-advisor that offers portfolios in three different currencies: GBP, USD and EUR? Did you know that we offer a simple flat management fee of 0.5%? Did you know that for portfolios above GBP, USD and EUR 25,000 our flat fee is as low as 0.3%? Did you know that we charge 0% fees for all portfolios of children under the age of 18?

You’ve worked hard for your bonus and demand a service that gives you complete control and transparency. That’s why we offer three different services to cater to every client’s unique preference. From our starter portfolios (pick your exposure to equity and fixed income), via our investment plans (tailored risk and patience settings, with a glide path on top) to our custom portfolios (you select and manage your own asset allocation), there’s a service for everyone.

So while you worry about where to book the next holiday, we’ll take care of that dream holiday 10 years from now.