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Investing puts capital at risk

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Customer Insights #4: Part of the revolution

December 7th 2017

With all investments your capital is at risk and the value of your investments and the income deriving from it can rise as well as fall. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. This article should not be taken as advice, ask a Financial Advisor if in doubt

Technology is at the core of almost every conversation I have with organizations in the insurance and banking industry as they look to optimize and transform their business operations.

They were once deemed the 4 horsemen of the technology apocalypse. Social, mobile, big data and cloud or in more crass terms SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud). However you want to define it, technology is playing a big role in changing every industry. Our sector (investment management) is fortunately not being spared this shake-up. We’d like to say that gone are the days that you had to fax documents to your banker and then schedule an appointment at his office so he can charge you two percent, however we are doing our best to get rid of faxes, 2 percent management fees and who knows, one day expensive bankers.

Technology and you

In our 4th customer insight article, we wanted to delve into the technology habits of you, our very diverse client base. Who engages with us and how they do it effectively. The first statistic to focus on then is the who. We wrote previously, using our own internal data, how diverse and young our client base is. However, looking at external data further enhances these points. According to online analytics, our largest demographic cohort fall into the 25-34 year age category. However, the statistic that we are most excited by is that we have more 18-24 year olds using our platform through mobile devices than 45-54 year olds. This statistic might seem obvious, younger generations are obviously more mobile and technology native. Looking at social media apps you would definitely expect to see this trend. However, given we are a financial technology company that aims to democratise finance in a continent where the median age is 42.6 and wealth tends to be held by older generations, we are incredibly excited by these statistics. One aspect that we are failing at is our demographic split between men and women. As we wrote previously this is something we have seen improved and are working towards a much better ratio. We will no doubt launch more campaigns in the future to address this issue.

When it comes to location, it’s clear we are a truly Pan-European business. With engagement with our App as frequent in Bulgaria, Ireland and Portugal as it is in the United Kingdom. No more fax machines and banker appointments. We serve clients 24/7 with the click of a few buttons in Lithuania and Latvia far more frequently and conveniently than before.


As mobile has swept in the third epoch of the technology revolution, it has allowed us to reach clients on a much larger scale. Today 87.3% of our engagement is done through a mobile device, 10.4% via desktop and 2.3% through a tablet. For those tech geeks in our audience, iPhones, Galaxy S7s and S6s make up the largest OEMs used, indicating that today we tend to serve the early adopters. According to the analytics our highest engagement after 10 seconds is in the second longest time bracket of 5-30 minutes which hopefully means that we are providing valuable information and experiences to our users. And as we use data more effectively, we hope to provide better individually tailored user experiences and information to you.

We’ve written quite a bit this year about the diversity of our clients. The data, both internally and externally, indicate that we are serving a large audience in a variety of countries. Our technology focus has meant that we’ve managed to be a cost leader while serving a client in Estonia with an equally personalised experience as someone in Switzerland. We have a lot of work to do to make sure we keep on personalising your technology and investment experience. Yet we hope that those guys in Europe, with expensive suits and fax machines charging 2% to invest their client’s money, can feel the revolution coming.

All data sourced from Google Analytics