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Investing puts capital at risk

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Simulate how portfolios can work towards your goals

Simulation mode lets you see how much you need to contribute to build an education fund for your children, how a retirement portfolio would be allocated across different assets, and how the low all-inclusive fees contribute to improve your gains compared to using traditional ways of investing.

Our Platform and Investment approach offer you full flexibility. Yet our App is simple enough for anyone to use in their mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

In the Simulation mode you can experience an ETFmatic account with the following key differences:

  • All money is simulated, to emphasize this we use Đ instead of £, € or $
  • Sample ETF prices are updated daily and replicate real market ETFs
  • Goals are 'funded' automatically once per month and Market orders are simulated once per day

Your ETF portfolio managed your style

Experience our approach with unlimited virtual funds. You can create portfolios for each of your goals..

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