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ETFmatic provides you with an easy way to manage your investment goals. We use index based investment strategies and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to construct and manage unique investment portfolios tailored to your personal preferences and circumstances.

  • Your investment goals
  • Your risk tolerance
  • Your time horizon
  • Your saving capacity
  • Your investment style
  • Institutional grade portfolio composition
  • Tax-aware dynamic targets
  • Continuous automated rebalancing
  • Real-time insights on your performance
  • Managed 24/7 for only 0.5%/year

The benefits compound to help you achieve your goals.

1 Tax-aware Dynamic Targets

Rebalancing the asset allocation through regular contributions helps keep your unique portfolio on track.

2 Low Fees

Some competitors charge up to 2% more in fees. This could compound to £377,101 on a £100,000 investment over 30 years.

3 Market Returns

Over 75% of actively managed S&P funds are outperformed by their benchmark in a 5-year period. Details


We use 128 AES encryption and two factor authentication to secure transactions and beyond browser access offer iPhone, Android and Windows Apps with fingerprint authentication.


We are regulated by the FCA. Every effort has been made to keep your savings secure, including daily reporting, auditing, insurance, FSCS coverage*, and partnerships with financial institutions so your savings are protected.

*FSCS coverage limited to 50kGBP and subject to usual restrictions


We publish details about our investment approach for peer review and explain clearly the terms of our service because we are proud to work for our customers.

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