ETFmatic is a trade mark of Aion Bank SA/NV.

Aion Bank SA/NV is a credit institution incorporated as a limited liability company (“société anonyme”/”naamloze vennootschap”) under the laws of Belgium, having its registered office at:

Avenue de la Toison d’Or – Guldenvlieslaan 26/28,
1050 Brussels, Belgium,
and registered with the Crossroad Bank of Enterprises under number 0403.199.306.

The Bank is licensed by the National Bank of Belgium (“NBB”), whose address is 14 boulevard de Berlaimont/de Berlaimontlaan, 1000 Brussels, Belgium,, as a credit institution under the Belgian banking law of 25 April 2014 (“Aion”).

Aion Bank has branches in:

  • Germany (details of German Branch/VAT registration)
    • Zweigniederlassung (KI) gem. § 53b KWG
      p/o Tribes Frankfurt Basler
      60329 Frankfurt, Deutschland
      BaFin-ID: 10159747
      Bak Nr.: 159747
  • Poland (details of Polish Branch/VAT registration)
    • ul. Dobra 40,
      00-344 Warszawa
  • Sweden (details of Swedish Branch/VAT registration)
    • Kungstensgatan 21 A113 57
      Stockholm Sverige

VAT Number BE: 0403.199.306