June Updates London, UK – June 2020.

Hello from all the team here at ETFmatic. In June we reached some big milestones on the investment side, both on the Dynamic Market Portfolios that switched from Balanced mode to Dynamic mode, as well as through the public launch of Thematic Portfolios.

Public launch of Thematic Portfolios

June saw the public availability of the thematic portfolios we developed together with one of our clients in May.

Thematic portfolios went from a concept to a publicly available proposition in less than a month and is now included in their marketing messages.

Our Dynamic Market Portfolios switch from Balanced to Dynamic Mode

We are piloting a product developed together with Eye Performance Technology, led by Mads N. S. Pedersen.

The offering consists of a set of investment portfolios with systematic risk management and performance creation supported by finance-based behavioural algorithms. These algorithms are designed with the express purpose of actively mitigating against losses.

The portfolios have a base equity allocation, and shift into either a positive (i.e. more equity) or defensive (i.e. less equity) position when triggered by risk-off or risk-on signals respectively.

At launch the portfolios were in a risk-off position, in May they moved into the balanced position, and last week the algorithms signaled a move to the dynamic position. This was implemented across the portfolios participating in the beta.

In June we opened up the beta to more participants, with more to follow shortly.

If you are interested in getting early access, please contact our D2C Support team to try it out directly. For inquiries about this or any other aspect of our B2B2C platform reach out to our Business Development team.

Platform Enhancements

June continued fine tuning of operational processes; This included automating the communication of the MIFID 10% Loss Report notification to our B2B partners, the streamlining of model portfolio management in our back office, and improved KPI reporting.

If you are interested in more information about our platform capabilities, please contact our Business Development team via email or contact us through the B2B section on our website.

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