They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. Every benefit has within it an unintended (or in some case intended) cost. When it comes to the finance industry this saying holds doubly true. Financial providers love to make things complex, with all sorts of fine print and technicalities on the fees you actually pay.

We’ve tried our best to make our fees as straightforward as possible. We charge 0.48% or 0.29% depending on the size of your portfolio. This includes everything we do for our clients. Portfolio management, reporting and custody. On top of our investment management fees there will be the Total Expense Ratios (TERs) of the ETFs we invest in. This is not a cost we can avoid and on average this ranges from 0.12% to 0.14%, but will change depending on the asset allocation you select. The highest possible TER is 0.25% and the lowest TER is 0.07%. We pride ourselves that we are one of the most competitive offerings on the market. However, we actually go a lot further to reduce our fees for our clients. In fact, almost every month we provide you with an opportunity to do so. And although one can argue there is no free lunch in life, the only thing that is required (the only cost to bear) is simply to pay attention to our weekly updates.

Almost every month we run a campaign that allows our clients to earn free investment management fees (the fees we charge you). For example, in December if you created a new portfolio and funded it you received one month of free fees. In January if you doubled your AUM we gave you another month off. In February, if you provide a case study you received one more month of zero fees. For the end of March, we’ll be giving you a free month if you become a beta user where you get to experience our latest feature releases. On top of that if you invite 3 friends and they fund their portfolios you get 3 more months taken off your fees. This means for anyone that has been paying attention, they could be on 7 months of zero investment management fees. And it’s only February. We have more campaigns coming throughout the year.

Furthermore, for anyone who tries our simulation account (and before they open a real money account) we offer a points rewards system to assist them in getting to know what we do and letting them earn free fees in the process. You get:

         –   500 points for watching 3 of our academy videos
         –   500 points for reading our whitepaper
         –   500 points connecting your LinkedIn
         –   500 points for pre-filling our details for our KYC
         –   1000 points for reading our terms and conditions.

In our rewards system, 1000 points equate to 1 month of free fees, which means a new client who goes from a simulation to a real-money account can have 3 months without any investment management costs before even getting started.

From simulation to real money accounts, we’re constantly looking at ways to help both our new and existing clients reduce their costs. All you have to do is look out for our latest campaign that we announce in our regular Friday updates. So yes, there might be no such thing as a free lunch in life, however we like to think that what we offer gives you something that is pretty darn close!

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